Wheeler Dealer Mike Brewer has thrown his hat in with Ben, the not-for-profit organisation that partners with the automotive industry to provide support for life to its people and their families, to launch its new mental health campaign in line with World Mental Health Day.

As part of this important campaign, Ben is calling on everyone working in the automotive industry to get involved in its first ever national fundraising event on 10th November: Hats on 4 Mental Health Day. The idea is simple, wear your hat to work on 10th November and donate £1 or more to help Ben support colleagues in the automotive industry suffering from mental health challenges. Every £1 donated will go back into providing relevant services for those who work in the industry and their families.

Mike said: “Raise your hat and raise some money for Ben on 10th November. By taking part in Ben’s ‘Hats on 4 Mental Health Day’ you’ll help raise money to support colleagues facing mental health challenges.”

The new campaign and fundraising day will shine a light on how mental health can affect anyone, at any time, and is particularly relevant as new research shows that around 1 in 3 people experience mental health challenges at work.  The campaign is also part of Ben’s ongoing strategy to be an integral partner to the automotive industry supporting the industry by improving the health and wellbeing of the workforce, reducing absence, improving productivity and raising morale.

Ben works to help people in the automotive industry, and their dependents, deal with mental health challenges and raise awareness about how mental health can become overwhelming, affecting all areas of a person’s life and work. We work with the industry to raise awareness and ensure people are equipped to remain healthy for work and life.

Jools Tait, Business Development Director at Ben, said: “We’re delighted to launch our new mental health campaign, in line with World Mental Health Day, to raise awareness about such an important cause. This particular campaign is even more significant for us as we are also introducing our first ever national fundraising day as part of it. So we are calling on everyone in the industry to take part and join us in a day of ‘millinery mayhem’ on 10th November!

“This campaign is particularly important as mental health is one of the main challenges that people contact us about.  It really is very simple: just wear a hat of your choice to work – as outlandish or conservative as you like – donate £1 or as much as you can afford, and share your pics on social media using: #HatsOn4MentalHealth. Also, we’d love to see you challenging your colleagues to get their hats on by tagging them on social media!”

All funds raised from the day will support Ben’s free and confidential help, advice, supporting individuals and employers across the automotive industry. This includes educating employers and management teams on how to support their employees.

Jools continued: “The UK automotive industry is one of the country’s largest workforces, employing more than 800,000 people.  Research shows that the number of people saying they have experienced mental health issues at work has grown from a quarter to a third over the past five years – that is a worrying statistic which could have a big impact on an industry this size.

“An important part of the Hats On 4 Mental Health Day will involve Ben working with employers; giving companies the tools they need to support their staff, point them in the right direction if they need additional help, and understand the wide-reaching implications that mental health challenges can have on an individual.”

She added: “Ben is always incredibly grateful for the support we receive from everyone who takes the time to raise money for us – we couldn’t do it without you. We hope everyone will get involved in this event as a celebration of how much we can all do together for colleagues who may be suffering from mental health challenges in silence.”

How to get involved:
▪ Visit www.hatson4ben.co.uk for all the info, ideas and downloadable posters
▪ Ask your colleagues to wear a hat to work on 10th November and donate £1 to Ben
▪ Take a photo with your hat on and post to social media with the tag #HatsOn4MentalHealth